with gratitude and care,

Dear Wangari Maathai, 

Remember when you said this? “when we plant trees, we plant the seeds of peace and seeds of hope”. Well, thank you for the fight you and, your comrades put because in 2020, your efforts gave us hope. . . 

See, 2020 was described by many as unprecedented but because of the feminist future you visioned, Karura Forest was one of the few places we went to get hope; we in large numbers, causing traffic sought to commune with the universe when the world was plagued with a deadly virus – covid – 19 – that required isolation – but not in the forest. . .  

In Karura forest, we could be …

we could breathe, we could dream, we could hope, we could play and pray…

Thank you for “taking the responsibility of protecting the rights of generations of all species…”

I remember you, we remember you; the feminist movement honors you, we are strong in the fight for liberation, your “little thing of planting trees” has made all the difference now. . . 

we keep on dreaming and visioning feminist futures because your vision is our reality now: we are emboldened by your work. . .


with gratitude and care, 


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